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Fashion Evolution

Art, Clothing, and FASHION; when talking about fashion it is hard not to discuss clothing; and when speaking about clothes, it is hard to omit the influence of art. Thus, these three words go hand in hand to give meaning to each other. Art, clothing, and FASHION influence each other and provide basis for us to understand each one.

I found a website which is very interesting and very useful to me and this website is all about fashion and the site is Named as FASHION EVOLUTION and the url is http://vinodhini.info/ .This site which gives the full information about the LATEST FASHION which prevails in the market.As you can search from A to Z for a the Latest Version.This site which is an AWESOME ONE IS GIVING THE details about the upcoming cloths and i found this site is also giving all kinds of Tips from various FASHION EXPERTS.Frankly speaking this site gave me a new look over fashion.Thanks to those Experts who Helped me for my New Looks.


Stahl Eye Center

I always have problem with my spectes, like i might lose or break it frequently.I even have some mental worries about wearing spects but i got a soluation for all the problems related to spects through”The stahl eye center” where i had undergone lasik laser surgery. And now i feel very happy and i also fell like am lookin much smarter than when i was woren spects. now it gives me clear vision. click here for the details of the sthal eye center.
Stahl Eye Center



Have a look at the plane designed by Boeing for the sultan of brunei

All that inside the Aircraft are made of pure gold.

Furnitures and even a washbasin is made up of puregold. the flight full of gold furnished rooms makes us to feel like we having a look in the heaven.

The luxury golden flight will give a feel like a floating gold house when it is on the board.

Have a look at new plane designed by Boeing… for the sultan of brunei



 PLAYSTATIONhas bought up an new evaluation in gaming technology. From the beginning of its launch of the playstation its has hooked up its highest position in the gaming industry. And the sony entertainment has a major portion in this playstation.

                  The playstation is providing an very effective and a real time environment for the people who is fond of games. Its has attracted people out of age limits. Sony had played its debut for the mind blowing entertainment in the gaming industry.   


   This PS3 is not only just a game town it also avails u to play  your favorite DVD’s which provides you an effect of an ordinary video players. This PS3 provides you an DTs sound effect. It also has an 80GB Hard Disk Drive(HDD) to look after your other video files


   This PS3 is not only just a game town it also avails u to play  your favorite DVD’s which provides you an effect of an ordinary video players. This PS3 provides you an DTs sound effect. It also has an 80GB Hard Disk Drive(HDD) to look after your other video files

 PLAYSTATION3  Music is also avails you an option to play your favorite music with an high quality of sound effect. And no self-respecting entertainment fan should be without some tunes to stir the soul.

PLAYSTATION3 photos. The picture can speak thousand words and which could be managed in PS3. and a thanks to PS3 which allows its user to store, organize and display your valuable & memorable digital photos



HARRY POTTER as the world knows about its famous movies and novel much description is not need as so introduction of its characters and the artist who gave life to the imaginary characters. The story revolves around the MAGICAL WORLD.

This magical story is been picturerised in a way which takes us to the magical world where any thing is possible. All the soul in this world has its own magical power. As evey body knows Harry potter plays a lead role.


Wizards and muggles beware no one is safe as Harry potter returns for his sixth year at Hogwarts in “Harry potter and the half blood prince”

This movie releases on Blu-ray and DVD. This movie has created over Rs.4500 crore box-office hit world wide, taking a franchise earnings over rs.25,000 crore in theaters world wide.

The story revolves like this; voldemort tightens his grip on Hogwarts as harryldore work to find the key to unlock the dark lord’s defense. But the students are under attack from very difference adversary teenage hormones. Love is the air, but tragedy lies ahead and Hogwarts may never be the again

Vinita Kamte seeks truth behind her husband’s death

Ashok Kamte died due to police lapses said his wife Vinita Kamte in her book – To the Last bullet. Vinita Kamte alleged that police were slow to respond to attacks. Ashok Kamte, Hemant Karkare and Vijay Salaskar were killed in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks in November 2008.

The police even after a year of the attacks have still not given her the information she sought about her husband’s death.

Vinita Kamte in her book raised several questions for police – relating to co-ordination between the police control room and officers on the ground. According to her the police control room did not pass on to the officers crucial information which might have saved their lives.

Also it took 40 minutes for help to reach the officers. She has argued that if the help had arrived earlier Ashok Kamte, Hemant Karkare and Vijay Salaskar could have been saved.

Vinita Kamte also alleged that the committee setup to enquir on this issue was made up of mostly persons who were themselves interested in covering up their lapses.

The book of Vinita Kamte is sure a slap on the face of Maharashtra and Mumbai police and they have some serious questions to answer here.